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A case contains 12 bags of IceBau gelato for dogs mix in various flavors, each weighing 1 kg.

With 1 kg of mix you can produce one tray of gelato.


  1. Pour 2 liters of hot water into a 5 liter container.
  2. Cut the corner of the mix bag and pour the contents into the hot water, mixing as you pour.
  3. Use a mixer to blend the mixture at maximum speed for at least one minute.
  4. Leave mixture to stand for five minutes, then pour into the batch freezer or slush machine.
  5. Freeze normally.
Additional Guidelines
  • IceBau gelato can be placed along side the other normal flavors because it is suited for human consumption. In fact, it has nutritional characteristics that are even better than normal artisan gelato. It is well suited for customers with intolerances to lactose, sucrose, and/or gluten.
  • Prepare small portions of maximum 80 grams using a spoon or scoop.
  • You can prepare servings ahead of time using the IceBau cups and stickers that are available in this website.
  • Store the dry mix in a cool, dry place.
Principal Ingredients

Fructose, lactose-free skimmed milk powder, vegetable fibers, vegetable fat (non-hydrogenated), maltodextrin, tapioca starch, milk proteins, vegetable proteins, emulsifiers: E472a, b, salt.


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Weight 9 kg

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