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Canine Gelato Turning Italy’s Pet Stores Into Gelaterias
Because sure why not: Italy has gelato for dogs now. Launching this summer at gelato festivals in Florence and Agugliano is IceBau, a gelato made without milk, eggs, or sugar so as to be easier for dogs to digest. (“Bau” is what dogs say in Italy.)
Globe and Mail
Italian dogs cool off with gelato [VIDEO]
Italians have come up with a new way to help get their furry, panting pets get through the hot dog days of summer.
ABC News
Canines Cool Off With Doggie Gelato
Are the temperatures too hot for your four-legged friend? If a cold beer doesn’t seem like quite the thing to cool him down, he can now enjoy Italy’s finest ice cream – thanks to the new wave of frozen canine treats hitting the market. IceBau, a new gelato for dogs, has been getting great reviews from both dogs and owners.

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