About IceBau

IceBau gelato for dogs has been formulated specifically for the canine digestive system which is notoriously more delicate than that of humans and which has difficulty in digesting complex foods.

The characteristics of IceBau gelato for dogs are:


  • Fresh and high quality. IceBau is prepared using selected, high-quality ingredients that are made fresh, and that combine to make a creamy, tasty gelato like any other artisan gelato.
  • Easy to digest. Made with lactose-free milk to increase digestibility.
  • Low calorie. Sweetened with fructose that markedly lowers calories by almost 50%. The glycemic load is also reduced.
  • Rich in fiber. The addition of prebiotic vegetable fiber helps to regulate the intestine.
  • Gluten free. All ingredients used are gluten free.
  • Low fat. The percentage of fat is lower than 5% and there is no hydrogenated vegetable fat.
  • Nutritious. IceBau is a balanced source of proteins, making it a tasty, satisfying addition to your dog’s diet.

Average nutritional values for 100 g of product

Carbohydrates Protein Fat Fiber Calories
23% 3% 4,5% 1,9% 140

Why is normal ice cream and gelato not good for dogs?

Normal gelato that you enjoy eating so much is probably not suited for your canine companion. While it’s true that most dogs eat the same things we do, sometimes the food we give them does more damage than good.

Store-bought ice cream vs artisan gelato


Sugar Store-bought ice cream usually has 16-20% sugar, just the same as artisan gelato. Some fruit sorbets can reach as high as 30%. For the most part the sugars used are sucrose (table sugar), glucose syrup, maltodextrines, and dextrose. Dextrose has a high glycemic load and all add about 4 calories per gram.

Dogs tend to develop diabetes more easily than humans, especially since sugar is not a normal part of their diet. So high sugar levels in any food consumed by your dog is sure to cause problems.

The total number of calories depends on how much sugar is used. The use of an ultrasweet sugar (like fructose) makes it possible to significantly reduce the amount of sugar in the recipe, and consequently the calories. Since fructose also has a low glycemic load, two problems are solved with a single ingredient.


piechartThe percentage of fat in store-bought ice cream ranges from 10 to 30%. The higher the fat content, the more premium the ice cream. For artisan gelato the fat percentages are very different, ranging from 0% in fruit sorbets to a maximum of 12% in the creamiest gelatos like hazelnut. Store-bought ice creams often include hydrogenated fats while gelato usually contains only the fat from cream or, more rarely, from butter. Each gram of fat adds about 9 calories, so the less fat artisan gelato is significantly less caloric than store-bought premium ice cream.

A fat level of about 5% provides for a low calorie count while still providing a light, creamy texture.


cowFor the most part, lactose is present in both store-bought ice cream and artisan gelato because both are made with milk, cream, and milk protein. Only water-based fruit sorbets and soy-  or rice-based gelatos are lactose free since they don’t use these ingredients. Both humans and dogs are mammals so we should both be able to digest lactose thanks to the lactase enzyme. However, as we age we can lose some of our ability to produce this enzyme so it can become difficult to digest dairy products.

It is possible to eliminate the lactose from milk through a process that divides the lactose disaccharide into its two simple sugar components: galactose and glucose. This makes it possible for lactose intolerant people (and dogs!) to digest lactose-free dairy products without any problems.

Prebiotic Fiber

Growing plantStore-bought ice cream does not contain fiber. Some artisan gelato does have added fiber (in particular, fruit sorbets), but it is still rather rare. Added fiber in gelato has the double benefit of adding body to the product and helping us to better manage our intestines. In fact, fiber slows the absorption of sugars, thereby reducing their glycemic load, and they are only partially digested so they help to clean the intestine.


For all these reasons IceBau gelato for dogs is perfect for your canine friends. It is easily digested, low calorie, nutritious and rich in fiber. When used in moderation it can be considered a nutritious part of your dog’s diet.

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