IceBau in My Shop

What solutions do you offer for selling IceBau gelato for dogs in my shop?

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How can I sell gelato for dogs along with my normal ice cream?

In reality IceBau was originally developed for human consumption, for those people who have food allergies (intolerances to lactose, sucrose, gluten) and therefore it is coincidentally suited to the more delicate canine digestive systems. It is therefore not just a gelato for dogs, it can also be sold to humans as low calorie and hypoallergenic.

Can you provide me with a technical spec sheet for IceBau gelato for dogs?

Yes. If you are a customer and you require a technical spec sheet for IceBau then please send your request to info@icebau.com.

Can I open an IceBau gelato for dogs franchise?

There is no franchising program for a gelato shop based solely on IceBau. While there is a strong interest in selling gelato for dogs, opening a gelato shop that sells only gelato for dogs would most likely not have sufficient financial returns.

The best way to use IceBau is as an additional player in an already existing product line, for example a gelato shop, bar, restaurant, beach facility, or pet shop.